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Hylec-APL is launching a new range of connectors for PCBs. The product uses crimping to make and secure the connection simultaneously, a good alternative to time-consuming hand soldering. They require a very small footprint on the board and no separate strain relief. The crimp connectors from Zierick, which are available exclusively from Hylec-APL in the UK, are described as the smallest and most economical terminals available for SMT wire-to-board applications.

The compact SMT wire-to-board connector's dimensions are 5.97 x 2.74mm, meaning that it is similar in dimension to hand-soldered wires. However, unlike hand soldering, the connection process takes very little time. Each connector has a flat base with two sidewalls and two insulation piercing spikes that protrude from the base. The flat base facilitates vacuum pickup and terminal placement on the PCB. The crimping tool stitches the wire into the terminal, which further automates the process.

An added advantage of the connectors is that they require no separate strain relief. The side walls of the connectors are crimped during the connection process, which ensures the connection's reliability. Other connection methods, such as two-piece pin and receptacle connections, which offer strain relief, are typically less compact as well as having a higher cost.

Using the insulation piercing spikes means that there is no need to strip the end of the wire to make the connection. This allows a connection to be made at any point along the wire, making it suitable for inline applications that require multiple terminations. The piercing occurs as the sidewalls are crimped, in one fluid movement.

Aluminium substrate PCB applications

The IPC Crimp and other Zierick connectors are also suitable for use with aluminium substrate PCBs where through-hole connections are not easy to make. Hand soldering to these types of PCB also requires very high temperatures and can potentially damage the circuit, while also having a poor appearance. Zierick SMT connectors, on the other hand, provide a professionally engineered option that removes all of these problems and leaves this type of PCB looking clean and professionally finished.

Hylec's new crimp connectors are suitable for most PCB applications. More economical and compact than many other connectors, IPC Crimp Terminals are far less time consuming to install than hand soldering and are claimed to offer the most efficient approach available. Hylec-APL is able to provide free, impartial advice on all of its products.

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