Powerlink Safety remote I/O module is sealed to IP67

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Powerlink Safety remote I/O module is sealed to IP67B&R is introducing the X67 Safety module as the latest addition to its X20 range of safety products. Sealed to IP67 and suitable for use in harsh industrial environments, the Integrated Safety Technology series module is said to benefit from all of the functions necessary for controlling safety-related peripherals. Equipped with eight safe input channels and four safe output channels, and with a minimum X2X cycle time of 200us, the X67 safety module is well suited to decentralized applications.

Onboard functions such as filtering, two-channel evaluation and internal and external tests are similar to the functions in the existing X20SI and X20SO products. In addition, the new X67 SafeIO module offers seamless integration via the Automation Studio programming and diagnostic software tool, with the channels connected using virtual wiring in Automation Studio's safe editor.

Communication via Ethernet Powerlink Safety (EPLsafety) guarantees that process data is exchanged in a secure manner, and also makes it possible to set module parameters automatically during maintenance.

Because of the IP67 protection, the X67 safety modules can be mounted anywhere on a machine, without having to be installed in a cabinet. The modules meet the safety level requirements of CAT 4, PL e and SIL 3.

25 February 2009

B&R Industrial Automation Ltdvisit website
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