New Bosch Rexroth PE5 electronic pressure and vacuum switch

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Flexible in design, Bosch Rexroth's compact PE5 electronic pressure and vacuum switch is easy to operate and install, with three ergonomically arranged buttons and numerous pneumatic connection options. The fully IP65-protected switch features a large, four-digit LCD display that is easy to read, and the pressure units shown can be tailored to suit the environment.

PE5 electronic pressure and vacuum switches are available from Rexroth in two electrical versions, either with two digital switch outputs, or with one digital switch output and one analogue output. Versions with PNP or NPN outputs are available. The analogue output signal can be switched between voltage (0 to 10V) and current (4 to 20mA).

Rexroth's PE5 electronic pressure switch measures the relative pressure via a piezoresistive pressure sensor and has pressure range options from -14.5 to 145 psi (-1 to 10 bar). The pressure is shown on the illuminated LCD display in bright, large characters (0.43" in height), which change colour for rapid fault detection. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, the pressure units can be displayed as psi, inHG, bar and KPa.

With compact exterior dimensions of 1.4"W × 2.6"H ×1.3"D, Rexroth's PE5 electronic pressure switch can be mounted easily using an optionally available bracket or on a DIN rail. Additionally, to help reduce downtime and maintenance costs, the PE5 switch can be combined with Rexroth's AS and NL Series maintenance units via a double nipple.

Trevor Osborne, Automation Manager at Bosch Rexroth, says: "Rexroth's PE5 is a cost-effective and versatile unit, offering simple yet flexible operation combined with a compact and robust design. Suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications – from a simple pressure switch through to an analogue transducer – the switch's display output can be tailored to suit the environment."

Depending on the version, the pneumatics connection is established either with a 4mm push-in fitting or a G1/4" internal thread on the underside. A female G1/4 thread is available on the reverse of all versions for connection to regulators and distributor blocks. The electrical connection is established with a four-pin M12×1 plug.

Options for the switches, including the displayed unit of pressure, switching modes and others, can be programmed quickly and easily using the three large, user-friendly push buttons. After the switch has been programmed, it returns to display mode and shows the current pressure. The unit of the displayed pressure can be seen in the lower section of the display and the switch output states are shown at the top.

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