Price promotion for Murex Tradestig compact welding units

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Designed for a wide range of TIG welding applications, the Tradestig AC220 and AC220a compact welding units are the subject of a price promotion by Murex Welding Products during April 2009.

Designed for the craftsman welder, these Tradestigs are very robust with an impact-resistant polymer casing, making them suitable for use in the toughest industrial environments. They are, however, light and easy to carry and with IP23 protection can be used both outside and indoors.

Tradestigs are designed for quality TIG welding with all types of material of thicknesses up to 5mm. They feature QWave technology for high arc stability and low noise levels in AC mode. Pulse TIG, AC Balance and AC Frequency controls are featured on the AC220A.

True MMA welding characteristics are provided in both AC and DC modes including hot start, arc force and polarity switch (DC). A two-program function allows pre-programming and program change during welding operations. An electrode preheating facility ensures excellent weld starts and extended electrode life.

All the necessary functions for DC and AC/DC TIG and MMA welding can be found on the control panels of both Tradestigs. With the Tradestig AC220, the user simply needs to set the plate thickness on the control panel and the machine will do the rest. Users can still, however, control the welding current, slope down and post-gas manually. The AC220A control panel also has several advanced functions including Pulse TIG, AC balance, to control arc cleaning and penetration and AC frequency to control arc width.

This compact design does not compromise cooling thanks to large heat sinks and a carefully thought-out internal design that helps to protect the sensitive internal components from dust and dirt to give a longer working life.

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