Vision inspection system suits bakery applications

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Vision inspection system suits bakery applicationsTordivel Group, based in Oslo and with a Scorpion Vision office in Southampton, UK, has developed an optical inspection system for use specifically in bakeries. It is based on the same powerful Scorpion Vision software that has been at the heart of many automatic inspection systems used in diverse manufacturing industries.

Intended to reduce wastage and improve quality, the system uses a series of cameras to build a 3D profile of the product as it leaves the oven. Paul Wilson of Scorpion Vision Ltd explains: "This new system uses reliable, innovative techniques to build a mathematical model of the baked product in real time. Product can be diverted off the production line if it does not meet certain tolerances such as colour, height, width, shape, etc."

Designed initially for a pizza production application, the system can be retrofitted to bakery lines and can cater for most types of baked product, no matter how big or small.

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