InoxSens sensors are rugged and easy to clean

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InoxSens sensors are rugged and easy to cleanWenglor is launching the innovative InoxSens range of sensors for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceuticals industries where there are special requirements for hygiene and cleaning. Wenglor's proven sensor functions are integrated into an extremely rugged housing made of high-quality stainless steel. All InoxSens products are waterproof and fully resistant to chemicals, plus they can easily cope with high-pressure cleaning. Included in the range are InoxSens optical sensors, as well as components such as mounting tubes and brackets. Fabian Baur, Wenglor's managing director, states: "The InoxSens system perfectly unites functionality and design with the specified industry requirements."

A laser-welded housing made of V4A stainless steel (1.4404/316L) ensures that there is a smooth exterior with no crevices. Furthermore, optical components made of glass or plastic are attached in a captive fashion to ensure they are food-safe. Torsten Hellerstroem, the product manager, says: "The pharmaceuticals industry frequently uses ethanol for cleaning tasks and thus prefers glass optics; plastic would become clouded during cleaning. The food industry prefers plastic lenses because glass is forbidden in many food processing operations. With InoxSens, customers can decide which optics fulfil their own special requirements best."

Sensors are mounted in a seamless fashion by means of mounting tubes with an InoxLock component that unites the systems without screws – a further hygienic factor. Even sensor adjustment is hygienic, as adjustment is accomplished in a capacitive manner through the housing with the help of touch teach-in. A further highlight is said to be that the sensor system is integrated nearly invisibly into the system.

Broad range of sensors

The new InoxSens Protection Housing gives optimised heat dissipation and serves to integrate additional Wenglor products into a gap-free, stainless steel housing. A wide variety of products can be enclosed in the housing such as code scanners, OCR readers or vision sensors, illumination devices, colour sensors, luminescence sensors, print mark sensors, reflex sensors for measuring tasks, reflex sensors for contrast recognition, or retro-reflective light barriers for recognising clear glass.

Following their launch in 2008, Wenglor's Solid Metal Sensors are already being used successfully by customers. The Optical InoxSens supplements the product range with its innovative characteristics. Prototypes of the new InoxSens product have already been integrated into initial customer systems. PAMOG from Rietberg, Germany, used InoxSens products at Anuga FoodTec, the leading international trade fair for food and beverage technology in Cologne. PAMOG is a partner to the dairy products and beverage industry in the fields of mechanical processing and services, as well as electronic services. Amongst other things, the company designs and manufactures modules for filling and packaging machines for one-off, large-scale and special manufacturing. The system at the trade fair included six InoxSens reflex sensors with background suppression, as well as the necessary mounting brackets and mounting tubes.

The advantages of the InoxSens range include a housing that is easy to clean thanks to its self-draining, gap-free surfaces, thereby simplifying IFS and BRC audits – and it is GMP compliant. Thanks to high levels of protection, namely IP68 and IP69K, it is possible to make uncompromising use of high-pressure cleaning systems. InoxSens sensors are even suitable for CIP applications. The laser-welded housing is corrosion-free, and even the serial plate is laser-marked to ensure it is permanently resistant to cleaning agents. In addition to this, the materials are food-safe and FDA approved, and the seals can be inspected in accordance with EHEDG directives. Adherence to LMHV is assured.

The geometries used by the InoxSens system are optimised for good flow, and are well suited to use with laminar flow technology. The sensors can be quickly installed and serviced and any desired connector cable can be integrated.

Environmental protection

Thanks to the mounting tubes which protect the cable, the InoxSens system provides for IP68 and IP69K protection, as well as mechanical protection for any standard cable. Further advantages range from EcoLab certification for resistance to cleaning agents right on up to suitability for ATEX zone 3D. Wenglor's InoxSens system is designed in compliance with DIN EN 1672-2 and ISO 14159. Managing director Fabian Baur states: "The InoxSens system is an impressive indication of our innovative spirit in research and development, as well as our industry knowledge in product management and sales."

InoxSens Mounting Tubes are available in straight and angled versions, as well as with an IP69K threaded cable gland. Sensors can even be mounted to inclined surfaces with the help of flexible mounting brackets, and can be quickly and easily adjusted thanks to angle compensation of up to 10deg. The system components suit wall thicknesses of 2-20mm.

Reflectors are required in some applications and even these for InoxSens photoelectric sensors are matched to the new design: the reflectors are equipped with an anti-fog coating and are protected to IP68 and IP69K. Hygienic installation is possible with either the InoxLock or with a single mounting screw.

Wenglor is contending for the Hermes Award with its innovative InoxSens range and expects the same kind of success the product has already achieved with customers. Baur says: "InoxSens makes it possible for our customers to procure a flexible system comprised of sensor technology and mechanical components with innumerable combination options anywhere in the world from our modern logistics centre. And this is the beginning of a new era."

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