WFL laser fork sensors offer high-speed response

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WFL laser fork sensors offer high-speed responsePosition detection with high accuracy and reliability is available from Sick's new WFL laser fork sensor range. Suitable for many automated guidance and control operations, the WFL's very high speed response is excellent for precision production line duties including printing, packaging and labelling.

The versatile WFL range uses an accurately focused laser sender and receiver, housed on either arm of a precisely and robustly manufactured housing, to detect movement across the beam. The housing is mounted so that the items to be detected pass between the arms, breaking the beam and causing a signal to be sent to the system control.

The WFL's detection capability extends to very small objects such as needles and transparent objects including bottles and blister packs. High-quality glass optics and a rugged metal construction ensure a long, reliable life, with good immunity to the effects of dust, dirt and vibration.

WFL 21 sizes include gap widths between the arms from 2-120mm and arm lengths enabling a reach of 40-90mm. This makes it easy for the WFL sensors to be employed across a wide range of applications.

Rapid setup and configuration with simple adjustment enable the WFL to be quickly installed within a control system to ensure the optimum response. Pushbutton controls are conveniently set on top of the arm and provide instant control of PNP/NPN and light/dark switching.

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