Festo CPX-CMXX module provides multi-axis control

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Festo CPX-CMXX module provides multi-axis controlFesto is launching an intelligent multi-axis control module for electric drives. Designated the CPX-CMXX, the new module is a highly integrated plug-in unit designed for use with Festo's renowned CPX series of multifunctional control terminals. The module is claimed to be particularly easy to configure and set up using Festo's FCT software tool, and helps dispense with the need for a considerable amount of system wiring, making it a very elegant drop-in control unit for single- and multi-axis drives. These attributes will be popular with OEMs and system integrators seeking to reduce their time to market.

The CPX-CMXX is suitable for parts handling and positioning applications such as pick-and-place, palletising, machine loading and unloading, inspection/measuring and labelling. The module can operate autonomously or in response to signals received from a host controller via its built-in PLC-compatible interface. It can store and execute simple individual axis movements, and can also co-ordinate the movement of two groups of axes, each containing up to four axes. There are 1024 position sets available for each of the two groups of axes; these can either be linked and executed in sequence, or multiple sets can be executed in synchronism, which provides considerable control flexibility. The module communicates with the various drive modules via CANopen using the standard fieldbus FHPP handling and positioning profile.

All configuration, parameterisation and commissioning of the CPX-CMXX module is carried out using Festo's highly intuitive Windows-based FCT software. The motion control sequences can be programmed, but they can also be set up using parameterisation or teach-in, without the need for connection to a host controller. The module is equipped with a standard Ethernet 10/100 baseT interface for parameterisation, as well as a service interface for a Festo CPX-MMI handheld terminal, and features LEDs on the front panel to indicate program status and provide local diagnostics. A preliminary test of the entire system can also be performed without a host controller.

Festo's CPX multifunctional terminals provide machine builders with a very flexible, modular approach to control, condition monitoring and diagnostics. The terminals can form part of centralised, decentralised or hybrid control schemes, and are compatible with all major fieldbus systems, as well as industrial Ethernet. Individual modules can be changed at will, enabling systems to be reconfigured or expanded without altering the wiring.

Festo produces a wide range of CPX-compatible modules, including intelligent analogue I/O modules for temperature sensing and signal detection, PNP and NPN digital input units, M12 and M8 connection blocks, and two types of position transducers for use with pneumatic actuators.

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