high-precision instrument gearheads are more durable

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high-precision instrument gearheads are more durableMclennan's P5 series high-precision instrument gearheads, based upon the international ovoid gearbox standard, have undergone design enhancements resulting in increased application durability and improved delivery times.

The P5's final output gear arrangement maintains an identical tooth form and diameter regardless of the reduction ratio - allowing final gear and shaft assemblies to be held in stock as 'blanks' that are machined to suit standard output shaft requirements and provide the means for a fast turnaround for customised shafts. Mclennan is therefore able to stock a wider range of standard gear ratios for quick delivery at very competitive prices, as well as provide a rapid turnaround with economical pricing for small-quantity customised output shafts.

A notable change is that the housing material is now Zytel FR7025, a flame-retardant plastic, for improved compliance for hazardous environments.

Through Mclennan's extensive distribution network with major motor manufacturers including Portescap, Premotec and Tamagawa, a wide range of permanent magnet stepper motors, AC synchronous and instrument DC servo motors is available to complement the P5 gearheads for scientific, medical and industrial instrument drives, valve actuators and many other specialised precision control applications.

Customisation options

Standard P5 models cover ratios from 10:1 to 15,000:1 in 18 models with an output torque rating of 0.8Nm. The flexibility and modularity built into the range allows customised versions to include strengthened bearings for increased loading and higher speeds, improved lubrication for extended operating life, alternative gear materials for quieter operation and clutch/freewheel for torque-limiting and anti-backdriving.

The adaptability of the P5 is demonstrated with a standard positional servodrive version comprising an ironless rotor servo motor drive and a dual output shaft with a potentiometer fitted for angular position feedback. The cost-effective and durable P5 series has also proved to be an excellent power transmission component as a part of complete mechatronic assemblies for specialist positioning applications across all areas of industry and research.

The full range is supported with an eight-page product overview that is available directly from Mclennan or downloadable as a PDF from

01 September 2008

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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