Han-Power T Modular Twin connector handles power and signals

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Harting’s Han-Power T Modular Twin is a hybrid connector including modules for both power and signal transmission. The new device is designed to provide excellent flexibility in industrial power bus systems, allowing a high degree of decentralisation in applications such as intelligent motor controls mounted on the machine or conveyor being controlled.

This new connector module combines the Harting Power T configuration with the Han-Modular Twin connector, allowing currents of up to 40A at 400/690V to be transmitted alongside signal transmission via two 24V contacts. Built-in detection circuitry senses whether all the connectors in a system are plugged in.

Individual adjustment to customer-specific configurations is possible by changing the combination of signal and power connections, depending on the application.

If two loads are located close to each other, the Power T units can be connected directly together. In addition, the system cables developed for the Power T family can simply be fitted together with connectors if additional length is required.

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