HD series stainless steel enclosures are certified 'hygienic'

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HD series stainless steel enclosures are certified 'hygienic'Rittal's HD (Hygienic Design) series of enclosures has been awarded the BG-PRÜFZERT test label by the German Health & Safety Association. The Hygienic Design series is therefore entitled to bear the label hygiene-tested. The test report describes how "The compact enclosure HD is suitable to accommodate electrical equipment in the food industry and is resistant to the cleaning and disinfectant agents typically used within the industry. It is also dust-proof and protects the installed components against strong jets of water (protection category IP66)."

To avoid design weakness that would otherwise be conducive to hygiene-related risks, the term Hygienic Design embraces various measures. Rittal HD enclosures have been designed to help eliminate any of these potential risks that could negatively impact on customer production. The construction material and silicone door seals neither transfer nor exert any negative influence. Surfaces are closed, smooth and easily cleanable with all undercuts, gaps, cracks, protruding edges and dead spaces eliminated. A 30-degree sloped overhanging roof makes cleaning easy and eliminates the hazard of containments pooling on the enclosure roof. Adjustable levelling feet with internal threads eliminates entrapments areas.

The statutory basis for the certification of Hygienic Design is the ninth Ordinance to the German Equipment and Product Safety Act, which corresponds to the European Machinery Directive 98/37/EC (general demands pertaining to hygienic designs for food industry machinery are contained in Annex 1, subsection 2.1). Rittal HD enclosures satisfy the closer definitions of these demands in accordance with DIN EN 1672-2:2005 and are classified under food sector.

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