DIN 41612 connectors with increased contact density

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Harting is expanding its range of DIN 41612 connectors with the addition of two versions which offer increased contact density for use with small printed circuit boards.

The new types 3B and 3C offer 20 or 30 contacts in a compact 2.54mm grid. Each contact can be loaded with currents of up to 2A and the connectors are tested to the IEC 60 603-2 standard.

Male and female connectors are available with and without flanges, enabling further space reductions. The connectors are available in solder, surface-mount compatible (SMC) or press-in technologies.

The high-temperature material versions (SMC) are particularly suitable for reflow soldering. In addition, the new connectors offer the same robust qualities as Harting's larger DIN41612 connectors in the full and half sizes. Harting is offering both the standard versions and customer-specific loadings of the DIN 41612 types 3B and 3C.

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