AS-i safety monitors include internal safety slave

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IFM Electronic is launching the latest versions of its Safety Monitor product for use with AS-interface systems, namely the single-channel AC031S and dual-channel AC032S Safety Monitors.

With the implementation of the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, safety is at the forefront of designers' minds. So while it has been advantageous to add safety devices to AS-interface for some time simply by including the safe slaves on the AS-i network and monitoring the safe function with a safety monitor, the new products take this further. Including safety on the network adds flexibility, as the user can add, for example, an emergency stop button wherever it may be needed without complex wiring. The flexibility of such systems is enhanced with the new single-channel AC031S and dual-channel AC032S Safety Monitors because decentralised safe outputs are now included on the network. According to IFM, safety systems therefore become more cost-efficient than ever.

Size limitations are also said to be a thing of the past: a feature of the new Safety Monitors is an internal safety slave, making it possible to simply and safely pass a safe signal across two AS-i networks.

The new Safety Monitors are fully compatible with the most recent ASIMON 3.0 software for increased functionality, such as simple integration of key systems.


IFM says the AS-i Safety Monitor is an emergency stop control device as defined by BS EN 60204-1, STOP 0 / STOP 1, BS IEC 61508, SIL 3, BS EN ISO 13849 PL e and BS EN 954-1, category 4, for the monitoring of AS-i bus-connected emergency stop command devices, safety light guards and door locks. It monitors the safety-related AS-i sensors assigned to it by the ASIMON configuration software. If an emergency stop button is activated or if a fault occurs, the AS-i safety monitor in its protective mode can switch off the system within a response time of 40ms. According to the model chosen, either one or two dependent or independent release circuits with parameterisable external device monitoring are available.

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