Slewing rings use self-lubricating, low-friction bearing pads

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Slewing rings use self-lubricating, low-friction bearing padsIgus has developed a range of innovative slewing bearings that use two self-lubricating, low-friction polymer sliding elements in place of conventional ball bearings. As a cost-effective, low-noise alternative, the Igus PRT polymer slew ring bearing modules are described as highly wear-resistant, easy to install and completely maintenance-free, as well as being robust and offering a very high load capacity.

All housing components are made of aluminium (316 stainless steel versions are also available) and stainless steel screws are used throughout. The polymer sliding pads in the PRT slewing rings are made of the high-performance iglidur J material, which contains a solid lubricant. This self-lubricating material also offers a low coefficient of friction, is resistant to chemical aggressors, and features low moisture absorption and good vibration dampening properties. In addition, the counter-running surfaces of the iglidur J sliding pads are hard-anodised.

Matthew Aldridge of Igus UK says the iglidur PRT slewing bearing modules are "rugged, corrosion-resistant units that are particularly well-suited in applications where high loads, extreme overturning torques, alternating ambient media or low to medium surface speeds are prevalent."

Maintenance- and lubrication-free, the iglidur PRT modules are suitable for OEMs requiring a ready-to-install slewing ring. Typical applications will include semiconductor and cleanroom equipment, assembly lines, wind turbines, production facilities and robots. The iglidur PRT slewing ring bearing system is available with outside diameters of 20, 30, 60, 100 200 and 300mm - and these units are available from stock. Other options range from high-temperature variants (for use up to 180degC) to models approved for use in food production areas.

In addition to the standard units (design 01), the slewing rings are available as the 200g lightweight version and the particularly low-cost design 02 (in this case the head rings are made of iglidur J4 and run directly against the outer ring without lubrication).

Manual clamp, drive plate and spacer rings are available as accessories. Furthermore, specials are available, such as FDA-compliant slewing ring bearings (with sliding parts made of iglidur A180) and slewing rings that are extremely chemical-resistant and can be used at up to 180degC (using the iglidur H1 bearing material).

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