samos PRO modular safety controller is more economical

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samos PRO modular safety controller is more economicalThe samos PRO is a new compact modular safety controller for machine and automation control from Wieland Electric. Part of the samos range of safety systems, it has modular, multi-functional base units that enable its safety functions to be expanded module by module. Users only pay for the functions they need, which makes samos PRO systems very cost-effective. Indeed, Wieland says that the hardware for a samos PRO system can cost almost the same as that for hard-wired safety relays, and considerably less than the hardware for competitive configurable modular safety systems. Furthermore, the configuration software is free of charge.

Its compact design means that the samos PRO is very versatile; function modules are only 22.5mm wide and programmable safety modules from 45mm wide. These modules can be simply plugged together and are available as input/output, input or relay output units and gateways in conjunction with the controller. A single-contact terminal also fulfils Category 4 (EN 954-1) requirements. Universal I/O is configured using the samos PLAN configuration software.

Up to 96 safe inputs and 48 safe outputs can be connected through samos PRO and the system can easily be integrated via gateways to fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks for remote monitoring, diagnostics and reporting. Interchangeable memory modules minimise downtime and the simplified wiring reduces installation time and saves cost.

Using samos PRO in conjunction with samos PLAN enables users to design and configure safety systems quickly and easily without leaving their desks. The universal I/O is configured via the intuitive software and the combination of samos PRO and PLAN minimises hardware installation and commissioning time. The remote/local diagnostics with reporting function makes monitoring simple and very effective.

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