Micro drives for machinery are easy to use

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Micro drives for machinery are easy to useVacon 10 Machinery micro drives are designed to eliminate unnecessary complexity while retaining all of the features typically needed for machines. In particular, these AC drives are said to be easy and convenient for machine builders and system integrators to specify and use.

Available in single-phase power ratings of 0.25-2.2kW and three-phase ratings of 0.37-5.5kW, Vacon 10 drives are very compact; they range in size from just 66 x 157 x 98mm to 100 x 262 x 109mm, and are equally suitable for screw fixing or for mounting on DIN rail. [See also this article: Vacon 10 AC micro drives suit the needs of OEMs - Ed]

PI control is a standard feature, and all but the smallest units incorporate an integrated brake chopper. A further option is internal EMC filters that comply with the Category C2 requirements of EN 61800-3.

The Vacon 10 Machinery drives benefit from a versatile interface, with the control card (Application Interface or API) providing the means by which drives can be customised. A choice of three API boards is offered as standard (Full, Limited and RS 485), but the API architecture also enables customers to create their own applications. For specialist tasks, Vacon's design service helps customers to create a specification so that a custom API can be developed and manufactured.

Programmable I/O

Depending on the API, Vacon 10 drives feature fully programmable I/O. For example, the Full API board offers six digital inputs, two analogue inputs, one analogue output, one digital output and two relay outputs. An RS485/Modbus RTU interface is available on all standard APIs.

Another useful option is the Micro Communication Adapter (MAC). Customers can use this to upload and download parameters without powering the drive. Users can therefore parameterise the drive without first connecting the drive to the mains.

The Vacon 10 Machinery micro drives are complemented by the Vacon Live software package. Available as a free download from the Vacon website, this makes setting up fast and straightforward. Vacon Live also includes a commissioning wizard, as well as offering full parameter commissioning.

Vacon 10 Machinery drives feature conformally coated printed circuit boards throughout, making them suitable for use in demanding environments. They comply fully with RoHS requirements and, where possible, they use recyclable materials in their construction.

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