Universal Contact for angular alignment applications

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Universal Contact for angular alignment applicationsITT Interconnect Solutions is launching a new Universal Contact for angular alignment applications that provides a vertical connection between a device and a PCB. Additionally, it offers the advantage of allowing angular mating within the same footprint as a standard UC. This product was taken from design through to production in just four weeks, enabling the first end customer to produce 2.5million handheld units within 60 days.

The ITT UC for angular alignment applications has a sloped front beam that enables a mating angle of 90 degrees, yet the overall dimensions are the same as for a standard UC. Features include 2.5mm free height with 1.0mm of deflection and X-Y-X movement with the mating device. A solder well prevents wicking of solder into the critical beam area and side wings prevent beam overstress. Further features include a domed contact for high hertz forces and a minimum preload force of 0.3N. The pitch between contacts is 1.35mm.

Electrical specifications include a voltage rating of up to 500V DC.

Applications include handsets, where the new contacts can be used for solderless component and I/O interconnects, as well as battery and antenna contacts. Further applications include memory sticks, GPS board-to-screen interconnects, CT scanning equipment, key fobs and smoke detectors.

Further details are available in an application note freely downloadable from

18 January 2010

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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