500V DC APD four-way connector for automotive applications

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500V DC APD four-way connector for automotive applicationsITT Interconnect Solutions is launching a 500V DC APD four-way connector as the latest addition to its popular APD series used in engine, transmission, PC board and junction box applications. The new 500V DC APD four-way connector was developed in response to the demands of the automotive sector, which required a cost-effective, highly reliable, IP-graded connector for use in medium and high-volume hybrid, electrical and off-road vehicles. Electrical specifications, especially for the new generation of hybrid and electrical vehicles, have led to a surge in demand for a plastic circular connector able to meet voltage ratings up to 500V DC and handle 20A per contact.

ITT Interconnect Solutions designed the new APD 500V DC four-way plastic circular connector with the same dimensions and layout as standard ITT APD connectors. This also has the advantage of enabling customers to use standard ITT APD connector accessories, thereby reducing inventory requirements. Additionally, the contacts are recessed as a safety feature, so they cannot be touched directly. The bayonet connector combines robustness and high resistance to vibration with IP69 ingress protection. The APD four-way 500VDC/20A connector meets the requirements of DIN 72585 and above. Customers can specify colours to suit their specific applications.

Further details are available in an application note freely downloadable from

15 October 2009

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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