Light- and medium-duty X-Y-Z systems

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HepcoMotion is introducing a family of actuators for X-Y-Z linear motion systems, with the characteristics of the actuators matched to the requirements of the different axes. This ensures that each axis operates optimally and contributes to the overall efficiency and longevity of the system.

The HepcoMotion light- and medium-duty X-Y-Z systems are suitable for industrial and scientific applications such as pick-and-place, automated assembly, inspection and product labelling.

For the X-axis HepcoMotion uses the popular PDU2 linear actuator that features HepcoMotion's ultra-high-performance Herculane wheel technology in a compact and cost-effective belt driven unit. The Y-axis requires particularly high load capacity and stiffness against twisting loads. The PDU2M linear actuator excels in this area; it shares the same proven technology and format as the PDU2 but with moment load capacity improved by 200 per cent and stiffness by 1000 per cent.

The needs of the Z-axis are different again, with enhanced thrust and higher gearing being required. The new PSD80 linear actuator is suitable for this duty, with drive from a super-smooth stainless steel lead screw operating with a polymer bearing nut. Once again, it uses the Herculane wheel technology in a unit that is matched to the other axes in terms of performance, size and cost.

Multi-axis systems

All units fit together using standard components to create multi-axis systems that are said to perform better than similar units where general-purpose actuators are used for all axes. Lightweight aluminium T-slotted profiles enable the axes to be incorporated within frames, such as the HepcoMotion MCS Aluminium Frame and Machine Construction System, or more complex machines.

HepcoMotion supplies its X-Y-Z systems as individual parts, in kit form, or as fully assembled multi-axis units. This type of X-Y-Z configuration will perform well for systems ranging from desktop-sized units to those with a working envelope of up to several metres. On application, motors, drives, cables, electrical connectors and a turnkey service can also be provided.

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