Rugged circular connector for multiple fibre optic terminations

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Rugged circular connector for multiple fibre optic terminationsITT Interconnect Solutions is launching the PHD 38999 fibre optic connector family in response to demand for a harsh-environment interconnect system that can group multiple fibre optic terminations in a rugged circular connector profile with precision alignment and good optical performance.

Initially developed for high-speed backplane systems for telecommunications switching, the PHD termination and connector system si said to achieve high-density packaging with superior optical signal transmission performance. Suitable for all fibre sizes, the PHD system was designed by ITT-ICS for packaging versatility, hence it fits within many Mil Spec and standard connector envelopes – both circular and rectangular. The PHD product family is available as complete, customised fibre-optic cable assemblies.

Designed for use in very demanding harsh environments including those found in defence, avionics and tactical communications, PHD metal connectors are compatible with M38999 outside dimensions and feature an all-metallic backshell with a sealing grommet and a removable alignment insert assembly. Sizes 20, 24, 28 and 36 are available, and a shielding kit is included.

25 February 2010

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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