Simple USB data acquisition from thermocouples

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Simple USB data acquisition from thermocouplesNational Instruments is launching the NI USB-TC01, a USB data acquisition (DAQ) device that measures and records temperature data from a thermocouple. The new device combines a quick and easy plug-and-play setup with the high-quality capabilities and features of NI DAQ products. The USB-TC01 thermocouple measurement device features NI InstantDAQ technology, which helps customers to take temperature measurements with no set-up time or driver software installation. Additionally, the USB-TC01 features a standard miniplug connector that helps customers use different thermocouples to meet their specific application needs. Priced at £89 or EUR99, the USB-TC01 is suitable for all types of laboratory and adds convenience to making temperature measurements.

Follow the link to view a video demonstration of the USB-TC01 (see NI USB-TC01 with NI InstantDAQ Technology).

The USB-TC01 offers 'instant setup' for a wide breadth of temperature applications for use in: scientific labs; heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) units; cryogenics; industrial ovens and furnaces; engine exhaust and combustion systems; building monitoring; and many other environments. In addition to saving time and resources in system setup, the device also exhibits the overall accuracy and reliability of more complex measurement systems. With traditional standalone data loggers, measurements are made independently of the PC so data can only be viewed offline. The USB-TC01 is always connected to the PC so customers can take live measurements and view results displayed instantly on the PC monitor.

Customers also have the option to expand the basic functionality of the USB-TC01 by downloading additional, free, ready-to-run applications from For further customisation, customers can build their own applications by combining the USB-TC01 with NI LabVIEW graphical system design software and NI-DAQmx driver software.

Follow the link for more information about the USB-TCO1 thermocouple measurement device. Additionally, the Advantages of PC-Based Data Logging White Paper provides readers information on advantages of using a PC to take measurements.

24 March 2010

National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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