Compact sealed linear actuator incorporates linear ball guide

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HepcoMotion says its SBD Sealed Belt Drive has carved a niche for itself in high-duty applications where it has proved to be capable of handling the high loads and demanding duty cycles that can compromise the operating efficiency and life of other linear actuators.

With the introduction of a new addition to the SBD range, HepcoMotion is now able to provide these performance advantages at an attractive cost to a wider range of automation systems. It is suitable for inclusion in high-volume and high-speed systems that manufacture or handle small components.

The new SBD 15-60 extends the HepcoMotion range to three sizes and the new size is expected to prove particularly popular in the Far East.

HepcoMotion says the SBD 15-60 shares the key features and benefits of the existing SBD range but incorporates a HepcoMotion LBC15 Linear Ball Guide. It is a compact and extremely clean linear actuator as it incorporates a flush, metal cover strip that runs the length of the unit and houses the ball guide. This prevents the ingress of dirt and debris, thereby preserving the longevity of the product.

Units are supplied in increments of 60mm up to a length of 6000mm in one piece - and unlimited lengths can be achieved by joining the beams. The SBD 15-60 is also available with a long carriage; this option has two LBG bearing blocks in the carriage and has greater load capacity. Re-lubrication of the ball guide carriage blocks is via an access point in the side of the beam that is re-sealed by a threaded plug.

In common with all HepcoMotion products, the SBD 15-60 is available in stainless steel as a standard option. It is also fully compatible with the HepcoMotion MCS Machine Construction System, enabling it to be incorporated into any bespoke automation system or machine.

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