Integrated pick-and-place unit - Schunk launches PPU-E30

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Integrated pick-and-place unit - Schunk launches PPU-E30Schunk's PPU-E30 pick-and-place unit is an innovative integrated product incorporating electric linear actuators, drives, software and optional pneumatic gripper and rotary axis between the Z axis and the gripper. Capable of very high speeds and accelerations, the PPU is claimed to be "The world's fastest pick-and-place" (for a unit of this type).

Because the product has been designed from the outset to be an integrated multi-axis unit (instead of being an assembly of single-axis units) it benefits from an absence of moving cables for the motors and position sensors, which reduces inertia and eliminates a potential source of failure. In addition it is very compact, which also reduces weight/inertia and makes it simple to incorporate within an automated assembly cell. All services are accessed via the rear panel, which simplifies installation and servicing, as well as enabling PPU-E30 units to be mounted adjacent to each other.

Performance characteristics are as follows:

Maximum speed3 m/s
Maximum acceleration70 m/s2
Maximum payload3 kg
Maximum horizontal stroke250 mm
Maximum vertical stroke100 mm
Positioning accuracy0.02 mm
Repeat accuracy<0.01 mm
Measuring system resolution0.5 micron

Depending on the task being undertaken, the PPU-E30 can operate with a cycle time of 0.5s.

The photograph above shows:

  1. Basic version: without gripper interface
  2. Extended version 1: for one handling device + sensor systems
  3. Extended version 2: for two handling devices + sensor systems
  4. Extended version 3: for two handling devices + electric swivel unit

Follow the link for more information about the Schunk Pick & Place Unit PPU-E30.

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