Strain relief cable clamps for use with energy chains

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Strain relief cable clamps for use with energy chainsIntegrating strong, secure strain relief into energy chain mounting brackets is essential for ensuring reliable cable performance in moving applications. Limited space, high pull forces, vibration, temperature extremes, and oil and coolant lubricants are all challenges that need to be tackled by any strain relief system. Unfortunately, conventional strain-relief products do not always cope well with such conditions.

For this reason, igus developed Chainfix saddle clamps for fixing cables properly within energy chains. Laboratory tests show that their tensile strength is around three times higher than that of standard clamps (3500N instead of 1000N). The narrow width and low height make the optimum use of limited space when mounted directly in the energy chain mounting bracket (or through a separate C profile rail outside the mounting bracket). Ribbed plastic saddles ensure a positive connection with the cables and, therefore, secure strain relief. The cables remain clamped even under high tension so that they cannot slip out.

New and optimised accessories have also been developed by igus for quicker and even more versatile installation of the strain relief clamps. The part number and correct direction of installation are clearly marked on the top and the side of the Chainfix saddle clamps; this makes identification of parts for ordering very easy, whether the clamp is installed or not.

Optimised design

In addition, the double saddles have been optimised with new locating lugs that make installation easier and more secure, thereby saving on installation time. The saddles are made of optimised igumid G plastic; abrasion-free and easy on cables, they work very well with a wide range of sheathing materials (PVC, PUR, TPE, etc). The clamps are available in black varnished steel or in stainless steel, and as a single-, double- or triple-layer version.

A wide range of strain-relief possibilities can be achieved with the new Chainfix multi-clamps. Four different double-saddle geometries are offered, allowing the fitter to install different cable diameters quickly and compactly, inside a single space-saving modular clamp. These multi-row multi-clamps can also fix cables with small outer diameters securely. The double-saddles are available individually to combine with existing systems, as ready-to-install multi assemblies or can be freely configured according to requirements.

Chainfix saddle clamps currently represent standard strain relief for energy chains of all kinds with plastic mounting brackets. In addition, igus offers numerous special products. Chainfix Nuggets, for example, can be used for fixing cables and hoses up to a diameter of 20mm. This space-saving and low-cost strain relief element slides easily and quickly into the C-profile rail with no tools needed. Strain-relief separators combine energy chain interior division components with strain relief and are particularly well-suited to use in enclosed style energy tubes.

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