Robust joystick for mobile and off-highway equipment

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Parker Hannifin is launching the IQAN-LC5 co-ordinate joystick that is designed for use with a wide range of mobile and off-highway equipment. The new joystick is rugged, versatile, ergonomic and has been developed for load handling and positioning applications both in-cab and on external vehicle surfaces.

The IQAN-LC5 is claimed to offer OEMs and vehicle operators a range of important benefits, being simple to install, configure and operate, with a choice of handle options. For example, the joystick is supplied factory calibrated, with sealed Deutsch connectors for ease of mounting, has separate power and I/O connectors for quick and logical installation, and there is an option of built-in diagnostics via Canbus. Similarly, for ease of operation, when fitted with a multi-purpose handle, the IQAN-LC5 provides precise and easy-to-feel forces in both x and y axes, and has additional axis and proportional control available via a robust thumbwheel. All moving joystick parts have been tested to ensure an operating life of over 5million full-stroke cycles.

Parker says the new joystick has a rugged base and handle construction, giving it a longer operating life and making it suitable for use in applications with continuous or repetitive motion. In order to reduce operator fatigue, the IQAN-LC5 incorporates a hand rest and is designed for both left- and right-handed use.

To extend operating life still further and to simplify maintenance, the IQAN-LC5 uses a bellows that can be changed quickly in the field, and it has a corrosion-free housing with specially adapted internal moisture drainage to protect the system electronics. The cable between the base and handle is routed directly through the baseplate to the built-in Deutsch connector, thereby eliminating the risk of damage and simplifying field service. In addition, the use of a single circuit board and Hall-effect sensors minimises the number of components and moving parts, which also enhances reliability. The IQAN-LC5 is constructed to meet the rigours of mobile and off-highway applications, with a robust enclosure that withstands high levels of vibration and operates at temperatures ranging from -40 to +85degC.

The base section of the IQAN-LC5 uses a standard flange mounting so it can be retrofitted quickly and simply to existing equipment and so it is compatible with other makes of joystick. There are versions using either analogue voltage or CANbus connections, with the latter having additional I/O to allow the IQAN-LC5 to be used as an input module for controlling ancillary devices. The CAN version is suitable for use with Parker's IQAN Studio Software Tools, which enable electronic systems to be programmed, configured, and remotely managed.

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