Proportional directional control valves integrate electronics

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Proportional directional control valves integrate electronicsParker Hannifin is launching the innovative new D*FB Series proportional directional control valves that feature integrated electronics. These new valves are said to offer easy installation with high levels of accuracy, repeatability and reliability, thereby helping OEMs and end users to improve productivity and profitability.

With their built-in electronics, the new hydraulic valves are claimed to lower manufacturing tolerances to a minimum, while ensuring that, in serial applications, all valves perform identically. This makes, for example, the replacement of a valve a far simpler operation.

The D*FB valves are supplied with preset factory parameter values that can easily be modified via the on-board electronics using free-of-charge Parker ProPxD software. The user-friendly software makes it simple to change, store and load parameter settings to any number of valves or return to the default settings with one click of a mouse.

Furthermore, the ProPxD software also incorporates a basic diagnostic function and offers users the benefits of easy configuration and less downtime through the copy-and-paste function for parameter sets.

Controlled by external electronics, the hydraulic performance of D*FB valves is characterised by low hysteresis and high repeatability, particularly in demanding applications. Available in spool/sleeve or spool/body formats, the D*FB valves are sized NG06 (CETOP03) and NG10 (CETOP05) and require command signals of +/-10V DC or 4-20mA. The new valves are backed by Parker Hannifin's global network of manufacturing, sales and customer support centres.

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