Enhanced makeup gas generators for gas chromatography

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Parker Balston, part of Parker Hannifin, has enhanced its existing range of analytical gas generators for life sciences, chemical analysis and spectroscopy with the introduction of the MGG-400 and MGG-2500 GC-FID makeup gas generators for gas chromatography applications. The new generators have been designed to replace costly high-pressure helium, nitrogen and synthetic air cylinders in the laboratory, in addition to offering attractive paybacks.

The convenient benchtop generators operate from a standard laboratory compressed air supply and produce an on-demand supply of zero-grade, high-purity nitrogen and zero-grade air (free from organic impurities) for use as an FID makeup gas and a FID flame support gas. Each system supports up to six FIDs with makeup gas.

Parker says the generators eliminate the need for high-pressure helium, nitrogen and synthetic air gas cylinders, thereby saving time, resources and costs, while improving laboratory safety and productivity.

The GC-FID makeup gas generators remove the need to source a reliable cylinder supplier, finding somewhere in the laboratory or on the premises to store the gas, and a network of gas pipes to install and maintain. They can also help laboratories that wish to reduce overheads and streamline operations, as they negate all rental, refill, delivery and order processing costs for the various storage containers. Furthermore, they avoid all fluctuations in gas prices.

Making on-demand, on-site gas with GC-FID makeup gas generators can also avoid the need to store high-pressure gas, as the laboratory can produce exactly what it needs, while eliminating the handling of high-pressure gases can help to improve safety.

The output gas pressure and purity from the systems assure the best flame shape possible within the flame ionisation detector to enable users to maximise the instrument sensitivity. Moreover, each system comes complete with pre-filtration, electronic drains and a standard 12-month warranty; direct in-lab installation and preventive maintenance services are also available.

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