New Profinet module for Parker AC890 drives

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Parker Hannifin is launching an open Ethernet-based networking communications module for its AC890 range of drives. With this new module, Profinet makes the power, performance and functionality of the 890 family available to users operating Ethernet-based applications. In addition to supporting the seamless integration of all fieldbus systems, the module protects against unauthorised access and ensures safe operation.

Profinet uses TCP/IP and IT standards to support integrated communication from enterprise management to field level. The module is capable of fast data handling and performance, with a maximum of 256 bytes each of input and output data. Using CAT5 or CAT5E cable, Profinet can communicate over a maximum node-to-node distance of 100m.

The Profinet module can be factory-fitted or installed on-site. Connection is made via a standard RJ45 Ethernet interface. A GSD file is available for easy PLC integration and the module is software-configurable for local or remote configuration over the network. Three status LEDs indicate network and module status, so communications errors can be detected and resolved quickly and simply.

Additional features include galvanically isolated bus electronics for improved safety, real-time (RT) Profinet I/O for seamless connections to other devices, and both web server and FTP server compatibility for fast remote access and configuration. Profinet operates on 100Mbit/s networks and supports RTNX protocol to connect to DSE software.

The Profinet module can be used with Parker's AC890CD common bus drive, AC890SD standalone drive and the AC890PX high-power drive series. The AC890 range of modular AC drives can be combined to form a complete multi-section drive system, thereby saving space, reducing wiring and providing enhanced system performance. The drives can control everything from induction motors to servo motors and are available in a variety of sizes, ratings and I/O types, providing an effective drive system for motion control applications.

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