Compact, high-torque brushless motor with Hall effect sensors

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Delta Line is now offering the 42mm DPM high-torque brushless motor with integrated Hall effect sensors, which offers high efficiency, rapid acceleration and a peak torque of 1.44Nm, all in a compact package. By using a 10-pole stator, the motor benefits from a higher torque constant of 0.054Nm/A.

These motors are available with body widths from 22-86mm, in body lengths from 40-100mm, and with torque ratings from 8mNm to 2.1Nm. Options include encoders, gearboxes, brakes and integrated drivers. Moreover, customised units are available on request.

Delta Line says the new motors are designed for applications requiring speeds of up to 3000rpm. Being cool-running, the brushless motors are beneficial for applications in the industrial and medical sectors.

Follow the link for more information about DPM brushless DC motors from Delta Line.

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