Laser displacement sensors achieve precision with speed

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Laser displacement sensors achieve precision with speedSick UK is launching the new OD Precision and OD Value displacement sensors to deliver precise, high-speed laser measurement of position, height and thickness.

The OD Precision and OD Value sensors can be used to measure objects in the micron range. Sick says the OD series is suitable for a wide range of applications and is particularly useful in the electronics, automotive and packaging industries, as well as in robotics.

Highly versatile, the sensors can monitor the presence and position of objects as well as measuring profiles, diameters and widths. The innovative range can detect the unevenness and small deviations or indentations, making them applicable in quality inspection, where micron-accurate detection capability matters - such as in-line quality inspection, process control or product classification. Another application is measuring the thickness of glass, where only a single sensor head is required.

The OD series is sealed to IP67 and Sick says that the sensors are easy to use thanks to an intuitive 'teach-in' interface.

OD Precision

Within the OD Precision series there are a total of eight sensor head variants for five different measurement ranges, from 24-26mm to 300-700mm, and resolutions of micron accuracy. Short-distance measurement sensor heads are available with a small or wide light spot, thereby ensuring precise balance over a larger area and a wide range of materials, while eliminating the possibility of interference from surface scratches, for example.

The OD Precision series offers versatility in matching existing control systems with both NPN and PNP outputs. By combining values from up to three sensors through one controller, measurements such as thickness, planarity or concentricity can be obtained.

Alternatively, the OD sensor head can be used as a standalone device without an evaluation unit - for example, in a robot or handling system - and integrated with the control system via an RS422 interface.

OD Value

Sick says the OD Value is a cost-effective device, with four ranges from 26-34mm up to 60-180mm and micron resolution accuracy. Utilising CMOS technology, the OD Value is capable of precisely measuring the position of light, dark and highly reflective objects using small light spots.

The OD Value series is highly versatile, with four different interfaces requiring no supplementary evaluation unit. In addition to the RS-422 variant with a switching output, there is a pure switching variant with two switching outputs, as well as analogue current or voltage outputs (4-20mA or 0-10V) and two switching outputs. Both PNP and NPN outputs are available.

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