Multi-Beam couplings made from any machinable material

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Huco Dynatork's Multi-Beam coupling has proved itself a highly cost-competitive method of accommodating any combination of axial motion and angular and parallel misalignment. It is also an exceptionally versatile device thanks to Huco Dynatork's ability to manufacture this coupling from a broad variety of materials.

Although aluminium and stainless steel are the standard materials of manufacture for its ex-stock range, Huco Dynatork also supplies the Multi-Beam in nylon and acetal for the food and chemical industries. And in response to customer demand for a lightweight coupling with high fatigue life and strength, the product is available in titanium. This is very useful for the aerospace, instrumentation and medical equipment sectors.

Another successful development has been the introduction of the Multi-Beam in Victrex PEEK. Initially designed for use in high-voltage capacitors, this product is now available to any manufacturer that needs to prevent voltage leakage across a drive. This special polymer is characterised by excellent mechanical properties even at high temperatures.

Free choice of material

David Lockett, Huco Dynatork's Managing Director, comments: "We are often asked to develop application-specific couplings and now have considerable expertise in recommending the correct material for the task. We can produce a Multi-Beam from any machinable material."

The Huco Dynatork Multi-Beam coupling combines the benefits of a compact, one-piece construction and zero backlash with low wind-up. Three- or six-beam types may be specified with either clamp or set-screw fixings for quick and easy connection to – and removal from – shafts.

As the design is intrinsically balanced, the Multi-Beam coupling can be readily adapted to high speeds without the need for balancing. It also has a comparatively long service life, as it contains no wear parts or elastomeric elements.

All Huco Dynatork Multi-Beam couplings are manufactured to ISO 9002 quality standards at the company's Hertford factory. Enquiries for special sizes and non-standard bore combinations are welcomed.

20 July 2010

Huco (Altra Industrial Motion)visit website
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