CANopen profile for power supplies

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The CiA 453 device profile for power supplies has been reviewed and updated with a new version, 1.1, issued to specify extended CANopen communication capabilities for power supply units. CANopen is an internationally standardised application layer conforming to EN 50325-4 which is used in many different markets.

A power supply unit compliant to CiA 453 is able to switch from local to remote control mode and vice versa except in the sequential processing mode. The extensions introduced include configuration of the internal logical circuitry (digital inputs and outputs) and configuration of the signal delay times of the power supply units.

In addition, a boot-up configuration register has been introduced to provide information about the power supply device state after initialisation. Different power supply status procedures have also been harmonised and the Emergency (EMCY) message now also contains fault indicator information.

Editorial changes have been made to the new version of the profile so it is more easily read.

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