New housings for Harting Han 3 A industrial connectors

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New housings for Harting Han 3 A industrial connectorsHarting is introducing two new housings for its Harting Han 3 A industrial connector family. A new angled bulkhead-mount housing that can be fastened with four screws offers a high degree of ruggedness for use in machinery that is subject to high mechanical stresses. The bulkhead-mount housing is also equipped with a special sealing system that ensures direct contact between the connector housing and the mounting surface for optimum EMC performance.

Also new is the Han 3 A split hood housing, which is made of metal: this can be combined with all Han 3 A contact inserts and can be mounted from the front or rear side of a control cabinet panel. The housing can also be sealed on the termination side with a screwed gland so that the entire interface is protected for applications requiring IP65 or IP67 protection against moisture ingress.

Over a period of many years, Harting's Han 3 A product range, which includes more than 25 contact inserts, has established itself as a standard interface for the transfer of electrical signals and data, as well as for power supplies to small-scale units in industry.

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