M12 connectors for Cat.6A cabling in industrial environments

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M12 connectors for Cat.6A cabling in industrial environmentsHarting claims that its new har-speed M12 connectors are the first M12 connectors to meet the demanding requirements for high-speed transmission in Cat.6A cabling systems. The new connectors are designed for applications in machine and plant engineering where the requirements for high-speed, secure data transmission require a higher level of performance than is available from Cat.5 cabling.

The design of the har-speed M12 connectors is based on the recently agreed PAS 61076-2-10x standard, which defines a uniform mating face for eight-pole M12 connectors. The new mating face performs two tasks: shielding in the connector area (using shielded wire pairs) and the coding of the mating face, which ensures fail-safe plugging with other eight-pole M12 connectors.

Harting's new range includes overmoulded variants in different lengths and a crimp connector for on-site assembly.

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