Industrial power supply range includes redundancy module

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Industrial power supply range includes redundancy moduleHarting's Ha-VIS pCon 2000 power-supply modules are designed to offer high performance and reliability in industrial automation applications. These new units, which are mechanically and electrically compatible with Harting's range of Ethernet switches and other active network components, combine ease of installation with the use of redundancy to ensure high system availability and hence reliability in areas such as control and switch cabinets.

The new modules incorporate pluggable connections to ensure reliable and rapid assembly without the need for special tools. The range includes versions for voltages of 24 and 48V and power outputs of 35, 60 and 120W. Key performance features include high efficiency, extended input ranges, overload capability of up to 150 per cent for up to three seconds, and low losses.

Included within the range is the pCon 2010-DRM redundancy module, which incorporates dual 12-48V supplies to ensure redundancy in the power supply for components in control and switch cabinets. Losses in this unit are very low, with a maximum voltage drop of 300mV.

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