Movie illustrates versatility of DryLin W linear guides

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Movie illustrates versatility of DryLin W linear guidesigus DryLin W linear guides are supplied as cost-efficient preassembled systems. By combining high flexibility in design with simple installation, the DryLin W is claimed to offer best-in-class friction and wear-resistance. Being self-lubricating, the system is insensitive to dirt, thereby increasing reliability while reducing maintenance costs.

According to igus, DryLin W linear guides offer several advantages over traditional rolling-element linear guidance systems: they are simple to install, economical, maintenance-free and insensitive to dirt. DryLin W linear guides are lightweight and quiet, as well as providing good torque absorption. They also have a number of special features, including low coefficients of friction in dry operation, high resistance to corrosion and wear, and provide for flexible utilisation of the installation space.

The 'turn to fit' (adjustable clearance) function on the DryLin W enables manual adjustment of the clearance in one turn. Available with single (round and angular) or double rails, with sizes of 10, 16 and 20mm, DryLin W linear guides are said to offer the ultimate in design flexibility.

Follow the link to see a movie of the DryLin W linear guide system in action.

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