OSP-L rodless pneumatic cylinders operate at low temperatures

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OSP-L rodless pneumatic cylinders operate at low temperaturesParker Hannifin's Parker-Origa Division is launching the OSP-L series rodless pneumatic cylinders that operate reliably at temperatures down to -40degC. Developed for use in applications where particularly low leakage and protection against contamination are necessary, the actuators are equipped with a high-performance PU inner seal and an outer steel seal to prevent the ingress of particles and moisture, thereby ensuring a long service life, low cost of ownership and, ultimately, optimal profitability.

Furthermore, the OSP-L rodless linear actuators offer remarkably low wear characteristics, with a typical operating life of up to 8000km without requiring any maintenance.

In addition, the aluminium profile of the OSP-L actuators is fully compatible with Parker-Origa's range of modular system components. The standard OSP-L model features an inner plain bearing guide and, depending on the requirements of each application, can be fitted with the Slideline external sliding guide or the Starline external recirculating linear ball bearing guide.

In common with Parker Origa's proven OSP-P series, the OSP-L series actuators feature an extremely compact and lightweight design, with a compact profile and a single-side air connection that is quick and easy to install. There is also an option for 3/2 directional control valves to be integrated into the standard unit.

Additionally, a range of accessories is available, including clevis and inverse mounted carriages, while duplex and multiplex connection of multiple linear drives is also possible. A wide range of fasteners can be mounted onto the OSP-L in a variety of positions. In conjunction with the standard magnetic piston, the easy-to-install relay switches and variable mechanical stops enable any number of stop positions to be used and monitored.

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