New PT series of tank top mounted return line filters

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New PT series of tank top mounted return line filtersParker Hannifin's Hydraulic Filter Division Europe is launching the PT series of tank top mounted return line filters, which are designed to increase productivity in a range of applications within the industrial and mobile sectors. These high-performance filters feature a fully integrated construction that is claimed to be unique, and provide a long service life.

Offering a nominal flow capacity of up to 400 l/min while working at pressures of up to 10bar, the PT Series filters feature a highly efficient in-to-out filtration system, widely used by Parker. This proven method uses pressure to extrude the return oil through the filter while retaining contamination. As a result, only clean oil is returned to the reservoir and all contamination is held within the filter element, thereby increasing overall system performance and service life.

The filter element and filter housing cover are integrated to form one consumable part, allowing for an extremely compact construction that is simple to fit - particularly in applications where space is at a premium. The aluminium filter housing remains reusable part bolted on to the hydraulic reservoir. For direct integration in plastic tanks the complete element can be integrated as a screw-in part, thereby eliminating the need for the tank top-mounted filter head.

Easy, quick filter changeovers

To remove the filter, the complete element unit can simply be rotated and pulled out of the plastic reservoir or filter head, making filter changeover fast and easy while eliminating the need to reinstall loose components. In addition, this construction prevents dirty oil from dropping back into the tank, as all contaminants are retained within the filter media.

PT series filters also feature seals that cover the space between the filter element and the filter housing, offering maximum protection against oil leakage. This enables companies to comply with the latest environmental regulations while avoiding the high costs associated with contaminating the environment. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with Parker's standard and custom-built reservoirs and airtight funnels, air ingress is eliminated, thereby creating an optimal oil flow path; this results in improved system efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Parker says its PT Series filters can be used by OEMs as well as being retrofitted into existing hydraulic systems. Furthermore, the patented construction of the filter elements protects the OEM aftermarket against piracy by eliminating the possible use of non-original filter components. As a result, not only is the quality of filtration guaranteed but end users can also benefit from an extended warranty on the entire unit.

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