High-resolution analogue input and encoder option boards

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High-resolution analogue input and encoder option boardsParker Hannifin is launching high-resolution analogue input and encoder option boards for use with its AC890 Modular Systems and AC890PX High Power Systems AC drives. These boards provide the extra inputs and outputs required in applications such as electronic line shafts, machine tools and other demanding motion control tasks.

The 8903-EP encoder option board features an incremental encoder input for a reference encoder, and a synthetic encoder output. The encoder input provides optically isolated differential inputs on channels A, B and Z. All inputs are compatible with RS422 and RS485 encoders, as well as encoders that provide output voltages as high as +/-30V. The board embeds all the decoding logic required to interface the encoder input to the drive's microprocessor, providing true 'plug and play' connectivity. Three non-isolated differential digital outputs are used for synthesising an encoder output.

Installed on a drive pre-fitted with an 8902-EQ incremental encoder option, the new board can be used to create an electronic line shaft between the reference and feedback encoders.

Parker's 8903-AI option board adds a sixth analogue input to the AC890 and AC890PX drives. It offers all the functionality of the 8903-EP encoder option board, plus a high-resolution 16-bit +/-10V analogue input. This makes the drive particularly suited to machine tool applications, where the drive will typically follow an analogue speed setpoint from a CNC controller and send back to the CNC the position of the controlled axis. It provides the fast response times required for accurate position control.

AC Drives Product Manager Andy Evans comments: "Option boards provide a very cost-effective means of tailoring a preferred drive to meet specific application requirements, or expanding a drive to meet the needs of applications as they evolve over time. These two new option cards expand the flexibility of the AC890 series which has proven itself to be a popular choice in some of the industry's most demanding applications.

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