Larger sizes of F12 series bent-axis hydraulic piston motors

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Larger sizes of F12 series bent-axis hydraulic piston motorsParker Hannifin is introducing 150 and 250cc F12 series bent-axis hydraulic piston motors, thereby offering customers a wider greater choice and increased flexibility in terms of size and operating options. These high-performance motors feature an enhanced design to ensure lower internal friction and reduced operating temperature and noise levels, while also offering improved reliability and productivity.

Designed to offer outstanding performance, efficiency and endurance, these latest heavy-duty piston motors are suitable for both open- and closed-loop circuits in demanding industrial and offshore applications, including winches, pile drivers and cranes. Featuring a spherical piston design that is claimed to be unique, the F12 Series motors offer exceptionally high shaft speeds with the capability of operating at pressures of up to 480bar, while producing particularly high torque at start-up and low speeds.

With innovative 'piston lock' technology and a small number of moving parts, the F12 Series piston motors are particularly robust, providing long service lives with exceptional levels of reliability. Parker's timing gear design synchronises the shaft and cylinder barrel, meaning that the motors can tolerate high accelerations and torsional vibrations, while the heavy-duty roller bearings ensure excellent external axial and radial shaft load capacity. Additionally, the 40-degree angle between the shaft and cylinder barrel means that the design is particularly compact.

F12 Series motors also feature high-precision valve plates for increased self-priming speed and low-noise operation, with options for both left- and right-hand rotation. Moreover, the use of laminated piston rings ensures low internal leakage and excellent resistance to thermal shock, as well as a long operating life.

With the addition of these latest models, the F12 Series bent-axis piston units are now available in a full range of capacities, namely 23, 30, 40, 60, 80, 90, 110, 125, 150 and 250cc. Standard options for the motors include a choice of CETOP, ISO and SAE mounting flanges and shaft end configurations, with a compact cartridge version also being available.

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