Service Master Plus - new instrument for fluid power diagnostics

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Service Master Plus - new instrument for fluid power diagnosticsParker Hannifin is launching the Service Master Plus, the latest addition to its proven range of diagnostic instruments for fluid power applications. Designed to offer fast and accurate measuring and analysis, with an efficient and user-friendly interface, the Service Master Plus provides excellent operational convenience and simple handling with high-capacity data storage to boost productivity and profitability.

Developed for use in preventative maintenance, commissioning, troubleshooting and machine optimisation programmes, the portable multifunction instrument monitors, analyses, displays and stores data relating to pressure, flow, temperature and rotational speed - and can switch between them all with ease, in both hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

The instrument is supplied complete with an internal power pack and Parker's proven SensoWin DPC software. This enables readings to be displayed in various formats including numerical, bar graph, pointer and curve graph, while project templates can be saved and loaded for easy interpretation. All data is displayed on a high-definition, illuminated 5.7-inch colour display, with simple-to-use sealed membrane switch function and control keys, ergonomic design and a battery life of up to eight hours.

In addition, the Service Master Plus incorporates specially developed Parker CAN bus sensors, with automatic sensor recognition, making it a plug-and-play system. Additionally, CAN, LAN and USB interfaces are provided, while data transfer can be performed using Flash card, SD card or USB memory stick. The instrument is sealed to IP64 and is housed within a rubber jacket with all terminals being protected by rubber covers to prevent the ingress of dust or moisture.

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