Filtration trolleys remove water and dirt from hydraulic fluids

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Filtration trolleys remove water and dirt from hydraulic fluidsParker Hannifin's Racor Division is launching filter trolleys that remove water and particulate contamination from hydraulic oils efficiently and automatically, thereby significantly improving the performance and service life of a wide range of industrial machinery. Developed for use in paper and steel mills, power generation plants and other industrial and aerospace applications, the new filter trolleys enable maintenance to be reduced considerably, while also eliminating expensive downtime costs.

These latest filtration trolley units are suitable for use as part of regular maintenance schedules, removing 100 per cent of free water and between 80 and 90 per cent of dissolved water from fluid systems through heating and distilling contaminated oil. Filtration is carried out by the integrated Parker Racor FBO filters, through which oil is automatically circulated to remove moisture and particles effectively, even under high pressure.

The filter trolleys have been designed for automatic operation, with a built-in programmable thermostat to maintain a constant oil temperature for optimum purification. Additionally, a high-temperature safety circuit shuts down the heater if the primary contactors fail, meaning that oil can never exceed 121degC, to prevent system damage and ensure worker safety.

Each self-contained unit is just 1m high and weighs around 30kg, with caster wheels, forklift guides and lifting eyes, making the trolleys easy to move and transport. They have been designed specifically to withstand operation within demanding industrial environments and feature a robust stainless steel construction. Furthermore, the compact dimensions of the units enables them to be moved quickly and simply to wherever they are needed on the factory floor.

There is an additional option for the filter trolleys to incorporate Parker's iCountPD laser particle detector to provide early warning of low, medium and high contamination levels to help cut the cost of maintenance, repair and overhaul still further. As with all Parker products, the portable filter trolleys are backed by the company's global network of manufacturing, sales and customer support centres.

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