Harting Ha-VIS preLink speeds installation of Ethernet

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Harting Ha-VIS preLink speeds installation of EthernetHarting's Ha-VIS preLink is a new installation concept for data network cabling based on the ISO/IEC 11801 standard. This technology is said to simplify cabling, save installation time and enable extensions and conversions to be executed without incurring significant interruptions in ongoing operations.

Harting Ha-VIS preLink is designed for use with a wide range of mating faces such as RJ45 protected to IP20, RJ45 PushPull protected to IP65/67 or M12, thereby opening up a wealth of opportunities and potential for users. The Harting Ha-VIS preLink concept includes components for 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates.

The new technology is a key element in Harting's Automation IT concept, designed to provide a seamless Ethernet-based communications platform for integrating office IT systems with industrial automation to optimise workflow efficiency in the manufacturing environment.

Ha-VIS preLink technology supports standardised cabling in which the Class EA link is created before the mating face is chosen. The technology supports connectors that are specified for structured industrial building cabling, as well as connectors for automation profiles. Users benefit from the flexibility of mixing and matching the mating faces and housings, which feature protection ratings ranging from IP20 to IP67.

The new system combines pre-fabricated preLink cabling links with preLink connectors to be used. The data cable, with cable terminals crimped on at both ends, forms the preLink cable link that is the functional backbone of the cabling system. The cable terminals, which dress the ends of the cable and act like end ferrules, offer advanced functionality in a small package with minimal increase in cable diameter.

Because Ha-VIS preLink ensures both the electrical and the HF performance of the preLink connection, the pre-terminated cable can be combined with any mating face, providing maximum flexibility and ease of use. The preLink connector simply snaps on to the preLink cable terminal, and the complete unit forms an ISO/IEC 11801 (EN 50173) compliant permanent link or an end-to-end link which complies with Profinet automation profiles.

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