VisiSight photoelectric sensors are compact and versatile

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VisiSight photoelectric sensors are compact and versatileRockwell Automation's compact Allen-Bradley VisiSight photoelectric sensors is designed for material handling, packaging and assembly applications. In addition, this new range also addresses the needs of the life sciences, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and home, health and beauty industries. VisiSight sensors also offer a wide range of sensing modes and innovative features that make it useful for general-purpose applications.

Allen-Bradley VisiSight photoelectric sensors offer a full range of sensing modes in a sealed, compact, cavity-free housing that minimises the collection of dust and debris while allowing for easy cleaning. The rectangular housing features industry-standard 25.4mm (1in) mounting hole spacing, but can also be used with an optional snap-on 18mm nose-mount adaptor. Furthermore, all models have a visible red light source for ease of alignment during setup and maintenance, and a stability indicator that flashes if the signal level is too close to the detection threshold.

The patented ASIC used in the VisiSight also offers linear sensitivity adjustment as well as excellent noise immunity. Diffuse models with 800mm (31.5in) sensing range provide adjustable sensitivity while polarised retro-reflective models are available in adjustable or fixed sensitivity versions with 3.5m (11.5ft) sensing range. Transmitted beam models provide 10m (32.8ft) sensing distance and are also offered in infrared LED source models for superior crosstalk immunity.

Features and benefits of the VisiSight photoelectric sensors include:

  • Economical, global and easy to apply
  • Visible light source offered on all models for ease of alignment
  • Industry-standard 25.4mm (1in) mounting hole spacing and optional snap-on 18mm nose-mount adaptor
  • Patented ASIC design offers linear sensitivity adjustment and stability
  • Excellent noise immunity
  • Compact sealed housing and cavity-free design minimise collection of dust and debris while allowing for easy cleaning
  • Threaded metal M12 or M8 pigtail connection styles
  • 360-degree visible LED status indicators
  • Additional transmitted beam models available with infrared light source for superior cross-talk immunity
  • Input to disable light source on transmitted beam emitter
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