See ReadyChain pre-assembled cables and carriers in action

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See ReadyChain pre-assembled cables and carriers  in actionigus has released a new movie that demonstrates the capabilities of its ReadyChain pre-assembled cables and cable-carrying systems (energy chains) [see also this article that explains pre-harnessed energy chains save money for machine builders - Ed].

Recent ReadyChain projects range from simple assemblies of cables with the connectors already attached, to a fully-harnessed system comprising the Energy Chain, cables, connectors and components such as fittings and linear slide bearings.

Delivery times on these systems is short, as igus stocks 850 Chainflex cables and 3500 connectors. This means that a basic Ready Chain system can be shipped in as little as 48 hours and large project can be serviced in 3-10 days, depending on the size. All igus ReadyChain systems are thoroughly checked and igus guarantees the system for a long period of maintenance-free operation, to an agreed specification.

In addition to supplying a fully-assembled cable carrying system, igus also has a team of specially trained experts to provide an assembly service. These specialists deliver the assembled system and simply unroll it and install it on site. The igus installers are fully trained, so the time it takes to fit such a system is reduced dramatically, cutting downtime and keeping production loss to a minimum.

igus Ready Chain systems are well-suited to a wide range of harsh environments, including damp conditions, such as those found on dockside cranes and train wash systems, and in dirty locations such as the German waste management and incineration plant shown in the video.

Follow the link to watch a short movie of the igus Ready Chain in action.

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