SDM in-line linear actuator for Z-axis applications

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SDM in-line linear actuator for Z-axis applicationsHepcoMotion is launching the SDM Screw Driven Module, an in-line linear axis that is designed specifically for Z-axis movement. As well as providing the necessary rigidity, the SDM linear actuator reduces the danger of back-driving when matched to a suitable geared motor. Typical applications are gantry systems and pick-and-place systems.

HepcoMotion has long held the view that the most reliable and cost-effective X-Y-Z systems comprise elements that take into account the specific technical needs of the given axes. The SDM module has therefore been developed for both single-axis and the Z-axis movements to complement other products in the HepcoMotion linear actuator range that are optimally suited for X- and Y-axis operation.

Ball screw driven

This new product is based on the HepcoMotion SBD sealed belt drive linear actuators whose streamlined design and suitability for high loads and demanding duty cycles have resulted in their wide popularity. The SDM design differs in that it incorporates a ball screw that provides greater stiffness and precision.

Common to both is high-quality sealing that is provided by a stainless steel band running along the length of the beam and is kept in contact by a magnetic strip. This arrangement is highly effective at preventing the ingress of dirt and debris, so both the SBD and its derivative, the SDM, may be used in harsh industrial environments.

SDM units are supplied in beam length increments of 60mm (SDM 20-80) and 80mm (SDM 30-100) up to 2800mm long in one piece; longer units are available on request. In all, five variants of ball screw size and pitch are offered.

A long-carriage version of the new HepcoMotion SDM screw driven module may also be specified; this features two LBG bearing blocks in the carriage and has a higher load capacity.

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