Integrated magnetic sensor chip is ultra-compact

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Integrated magnetic sensor chip is ultra-compactETLG Inertial Aerosystems is introducing the HMC 5883L integrated magnetic sensor chip that is believed to be the smallest such device available commercially, measuring just 3x3x0.9mm. It is manufactured by Honeywell Aerospace and is designed for low-field magnetic sensing, having a digital interface for applications such as compassing and magnetometry.

Included are improved high-resolution magnetoresistive sensors with automatic degaussing (demagnetising) strap drivers, offset cancellation and a 12-bit ADC for high-resolution earth field sensing.

By using established Anisotropic Magnetoresistive (AWR) technology, this chip features advanced precision in axis sensitivity and linearity while measuring both the direction and the magnitude of the earth's magnetic fields.

Designed for low-voltage operation (2.16-3.6V) and low power consumption (100uA), the HMC 5883L integrated magnetic sensor chip is compatible with battery-powered operations. The built-in strap drive circuits provide demagnetisation of the sensor for each measurement, as well as offset compensation for consistent measurements of 1/2 degrees and a reduced need for calibration.

Optional extras include a self-test function that is built into the internal ASIC, which can be used to quickly verify the sensors without the need for any test equipment. Also available are sensitivity matching from different axes/sensors, and the ability to adjust sensitivity drift due to temperature.

Deigned for high-volume, cost-sensitive OEM designs and compatible with high-speed SMT assembly, the HMC 5883L integrated magnetic sensor chip is available in tape-and-reel packaging. Demonstration and pin-out boards for product evaluation and development are available.

Applications include auto navigation systems, personal navigation devices, magnetometers and consumer electronics such as mobile phones.

For further information about the HMC 5883L integrated magnetic sensor chip, contact Derek Noble or Richard Bowman on +44 (0)203 258 0023 or go to

27 April 2011

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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