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See different material combinations used in plastic bearingsIgus xiros plastic ball bearings are designed for applications where the use of grease or lubricants is prohibited - such as those in the food and drinks industry. The design of igus xiros ball bearings is the same as conventional steel bearings, with an inner and outer race, a cage and a number of balls; the only difference is that the races and cage are made from igus tribological polymer materials, which are self-lubricating and need no further lubrication.

Xiros bearings are offered in three standard igus materials allowing for use in a variety of different environments. The xiros B180 is a low-friction, electrically insulating ball bearing that is designed for use in conveyors, handling systems and process technology. Offering chemical and temperature resistance, the xiros A500 bearing can also conform to FDA requirements for contact with foodstuffs. The third variety of igus plastic bearing is the xiros C160; this is a corrosion-free ball bearing and is the most cost-efficient option.

On top of the specialist characteristics of each material, the igus xiros range maintains the same properties as standard igus materials – being lubrication- and maintenance-free. The operational life of xiros bearings can be calculated online using the igus xiros service life prediction tool.

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