Applied Motion Products STAC5 microstepping drives

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Applied Motion Products STAC5 microstepping drivesMclennan Servo Supplies is introducing the Applied Motion Products STAC5 microstepping drives, which are described as cost-effective, intelligent and versatile. These drives benefit from advanced algorithms for extended dynamic performance and versatile motion control options, including a choice of step-and-direction, PC or PLC host control, and full-featured multitasking programmable control.

The compact panel-mount STAC5 series is designed for straightforward integration into motion control systems with direct-on-line power at nominal voltages of 120V AC and 220V AC with a maximum of 5A per phase to suit 23 and 34 frame NEMA stepper motors. A 100Mbit Ethernet communication port is included to configure the drive with self-test and auto-setup, as well as support for streaming of individual commands or full program upload and download. An encoder feedback option is also available that provides position verification and combines with a stall detection and stall prevention feature for selectable levels of position maintenance.

STAC5 drives have a number of current control features that help deliver improved motor performance. The Anti Resonance algorithm improves midrange stability, allowing higher speeds, faster settling times and improved torque, while Torque Ripple Smoothing greatly improves low-speed dynamic performance. The Command Signal Smoothing algorithm reduces jerk, which can help reduce wear on mechanical transmission components. In addition, the Microstep Emulation feature converts low-resolution step pulses from a controller into microstep-resolution pulses at the motor, which improves smoothness significantly.


Mclennan is offering the STAC5 drives with a choice of two controller options. The S controller provides for step-and-direction interfacing from any third-party controller and can also be software-configured for run-stop operation where built-in analogue and digital I/O can toggle speeds or provide a joystick control interface. The S controller and the more powerful Q controller both accept serial commands over Ethernet from a PC or a PLC for multi-axis control.

For full standalone programmable control, the Q controller uses Applied Motion Product's powerful Q language with high-level features including multitasking, conditional programming and maths functions. The Q version is able to download, store and execute programs from a host or directly from the Q Programmer GUI which allows straightforward motion and machine I/O programming from a PC. The S controller includes four digital inputs, two digital outputs and one analogue input. The Q controller has 12 digital inputs, six digital outputs and one analogue output. Contact Mclennan Servo Supplies for more information about Applied Motion Products' STAC5 microstepping drives.

24 May 2011

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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