Compact code reader for 1D, stacked and 2D codes

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Compact code reader for 1D, stacked and 2D codesSick (UK) is launching the Lector620 code scanner range for reliable 1D, stacked and 2D code identification, traceability and anti-counterfeiting. This compact device is claimed to be two-thirds smaller than most 2D code readers.

Tim Stokes, a barcode product manager at Sick (UK), says: "The Lector620 sets a new standard in barcode and direct part marking (DPM) scanner design. The innovative solution, which has been developed in response to customer demand, combines industry-leading technology, into a compact, easy-to-use design."

Sick has developed four versions of the new scanner to meet all market demands. The Eco is the base model, while the Standard device is deployed for rapid implementation of universal applications. The High Speed model is for applications such as packaging and document handling, and the DPM is used for directly-applied markings.

The Lector is said to be easy to use, with parameterisation achieved at the push of a button. Furthermore, laser-based alignment assistance reduces training and installation time. The LED illumination also ensures quick analysis of the read-rate performance.

Reliable decoding

Using intelligent decoding algorithms, the new Lector series offers real-time, reliable decoding of all images captured with a frequency of 60Hz, thereby improving read-rates and throughput, as well as providing timely detection and elimination of read problems.

The Lector620 combines compact dimensions with a significant field of view of 43 x 67mm2, a depth of field of 50mm and a 100mm reading distance.

For communications, Sick offers serial, Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus and CAN. Commissioning can be carried out without PC via auto-setup.

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